Child welfare reform – Updates and broadcasts – Connie Reguli

As an active participant in the reformation of the family court and child welfare system, I have participated in several broadcasts. To consolidate this information for others interested in reformation, this page is created to link those stories here. As I started this page, I decided that it needed more than just my posts and broadcasts because I am a small part of this picture. This is a work in progress.

Texas news broadcast – parents smoke marijuana and loose child.

Georgia – Senator Nancy Schafer speaks out about cps corruption.

Joint committee on judicial reform CONNIE REGULI
Texas news broadcast on medical kidnapping.
Pennsylvania news broadcast on removal of newborn.

Tennessee General Assembly – Senator Mae Beavers seeking reform of judicial oversight. CONNIE REGULI
Courtroom clip of Nashville Judge Monte Watkins holding ex parte hearing quashing subpoenas issued by Connie Reguli. CONNIE REGULI
Protest against CPS quotas on child removal.
Nebraska news broadcast forum on the need for child welfare reform.
ABC news – Diane Sawyer – investigation on the use of psychotropic drugs to foster children.

News broadcast on the secret email communications within the Board of Professional Responsibility. CONNIE REGULI
Texas news broadcast on 3 year old in foster care receiving psychotropic drugs.

912 Conservative Group on Judicial Reform – CONNIE REGULI
Michigan – a real foster child tells her story of being abused in foster care.
Texas – Carlos Morales speaking out – child welfare investigator turned activist for child welfare reform.

Connecticut – presentation at Connecticut legislature on the need for family court reform.
Maryland – Molly Tierny describes her experience with child welfare and the need for reform.

Claudine Dombrowski – posted in 2015 from 2008 documentary on the need for family court reform.

Great Britain – documentary on forced adoption and an over zealous CPS.

Wiley Drake show – Connie Reguli live on child welfare reform CONNIE REGULI
Gordon James Klingenschmitt – Connie Reguli live on child welfare reform CONNIE REGULI
Tennessee Indigent Task Force presentation – Connie Reguli on court appointed attorneys in juvenile proceedings CONNIE REGULI
Client Whitney Manning at Indigent Task Force in Tennessee – child welfare reform
CPS spoof video on the practices of child welfare agencies – CONNIE REGULI
Broadcast on Silent Voices in Michigan – Client Matt Marble and Connie Reguli describe the wrongful denial of Father’s right to parent. CONNIE REGULI
California – Oral argument Presley v. Vreeken – Court ruled social workers cannot lie to take your children.

Dr. Phil discusses the broken foster care system on his show
Dr. Phil goes before Congress and discusses the broken system.
News broadcast on lawsuit against Williamson County for wrongful solitary confinement in juvenile detention CONNIE REGULI
Excerpt of deposition of Department of Children’s Services supervisor – Connie Reguli – Marble v. State of Tennessee CONNIE REGULI
Tennessee presentation for parents interested in child welfare reform CONNIE REGULI
Fostergate Presentation in Sarasota Florida – Connie Reguli and Jennifer Winn (Kansas) CONNIE REGULI
Texas – Carlos Morales – child welfare worker turned activist for child welfare reform.
Glen Beck – takes on the wrongful removal of infant because of parents’ low IQ.